Monday, June 29, 2015

We are back in Nicaragua

Lydia, Olajide, Maia, Julie

It has been nearly a year and I am so happy to be back in Leon!

The first student from the UNO College of Education is in Nicaragua on this trip.  Olajide Cooper was awarded a FUSE grant and is here to assess the needs of Nicaraguan parents who have deaf children. Based on the pilot project in Omaha, we are planning to create a book of Nicaraguan signs with home activities for Nicaraguan families to use.

I am also working on a project to hopefully create a video dictionary of Nicaraguan Sign Language so the families can better communicate with their children. We are anxiously awaiting news of a Rotary Global Grant!  If we are funded, we'll be able to create this dictionary and buy some tablets for families to borrow.

Two of my daughters are returning on this trip as well.  They have worked all year to save their money to come back and work with the deaf students. Maia and Lydia are planning fun and educational activities for the students while Olajide and I work on our projects.  We are looking forward to a very busy two weeks!

-Julie Delkamiller

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