Monday, December 10, 2012

UNAN-Leon Diplomado Training-December, 2012

What a learning experience, and we haven't left yet.  Dr. Julie Delkamiller and I leave for Leon, Nicaragua today to teach an Introduction to Special Education Module at UNAN-Leon.  There are 45 teachers who have registered for the Diplomado in Special Education which will include 6 one-week modules over the next two years.  We have met for hours that would add up to weeks trying to determine the best way to use our class time.  So many possibilities with the need to consider what is possible.

We will need to say THANKS now to Ulises who has been very busy translating materials for us.
Do you know what it looks like to travel internationally carrying all of your materials, including 50 one-inch notebooks, so you will be as prepared as possible?  The best way is to show you....
50 binders waiting for the UNAN-Leon Special Education Diplomado Students
We arrived on Friday night at 11:30pm in Managua to beautiful Christmas lights on the palm trees and around the hotel.  What an amazing sight.
Christmas lights at the Camino Real in Managua, Nicaragua-Amazing!
On Saturday, Ulises came down to the hotel to meet us and Julio showed up in a sedan that would fit 2 of our 5 suitcases (the giant ones with the notebooks were never going to fit.)  After quite a bit of figuring things out, Julio had a friend that would come to pick them up and take the 3 suitcases to Leon.  We were then off to Granada- more hammicas and then to the Chocolate Museum. We had hoped to visit the Masaya Volcano as Ulises and I had never been there (yes, Ulises lives in Nicaragua), but the volcano was closed because it was a holiday.
On Sunday, we spent the day preparing for Monday.  Realizing that the copy shop wasn't open and many last minute details that needed to be completed. Accepting that Ulises would be translating our materials day by day and that we had done everything in our power to prepare for the week.
The classroom is ready for the 45 students!

A horse parade to celebrate starting teaching on Monday (or because people love a horse parade!)

The most beautiful horses we have seen in Nicaragua were in the parade!
Thanks for reading,
Kris Swain

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