Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What a Wonderful Learning Day for All

We finished day 3 of the module today with 24 students in attendance.  It was a wonderful day with so many laughs, tears of joy, some frustration, and maybe even some anxiety!  We had them completing a matching/concentration game with the terminology they had learned so far.  This was a fun and new experience for many as they hadn't played a similar game before.
Students working very hard playing the concentration game.
The most fun of the day was Julie leading the Farmer's Game which proved to be a challenge, and some groups wanted that challenge to end, but stuck with it to the end (with Julie prodding them!)  They learned so much during the game about working together, critical thinking and thinking outside the box.  They weren't allowed to write anything down so they were creative.
There continue to be so many rewarding moments.  A smile is universal, and we have seen so many so far this week that it challenges us to continue to create an environment with learning activities that reward everyone.
Julie facilitates the Farmer's Game.

High fives! Challenge solved!
A little frustration!
Another celebration! The joy of learning.
I know that I can say that this has stretched me and reminded me of how much thinking goes into EVERY thing that you do as a new teacher.  We showed F.A.T. City and discussed cognitive and associate learning.  There hasn't been one moment of this week that hasn't been a cognitive moment in the classroom.  What an opportunity.  Thanks to Julie!

Keep learning,

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