Sunday, July 21, 2013

Adventures in Nicaragua

Anna and I arrived in Managua on Wednesday and met up with Julie, Maia, and Ann Coyne in Leon on Thursday.  We were able to go to the Deaf School with Julie and Maia on Thursday afternoon, and Anna really enjoyed seeing what is happening in the school as well as helping out with teaching Twister and jump roping for the students.

Friday all headed to the beach as the July 19 celebration for Liberation Day (i.e., fireworks and cannons) would be taking place.  We had a wonderful time talking with Ann about her experience in Nicaragua and the book she is writing about her 25 years of experience in Nicaragua. The beach was beautiful, and this was a wonderful way to relax and avoid the celebrations that would be taking place in Leon.

An added bonus was Ulises coming out to visit us at the beach and giving us all dancing lessons.  Samba anyone?
Anna, Ulises, and Maia

Saturday it was back to Leon to work on some preparations for the week.  People have been asking what Anna and Maia will be doing.  No worries, we are keeping them busy.  They planned game boards for the review game that we will be playing later this week, and they were so creative with their ideas.  I can't wait to see the finished products later this week.
Maia and Anna planning game boards
Sunday was the last major adventure for this trip as we headed to Cerro Negro to go Volcano Boarding with Anry from Mas Adventures.  The adventure started when he picked us up in a small pickup and after all these years of telling Anna to wear her seatbelt, she is riding in the back of a pickup truck for an hour ride to a volcano.  The trek up the volcano was about an hour and very steep and windy.  We were wearing our buzz lightyear pack, and I felt like I may just take off at times as we were climbing.

We all made is down the volcano and think this was the perfect adventure as we prepare for the third module of the Diplomado as Nicaraguans are so proud of their country and especially the volcanoes.  We can say that we appreciated the beauty from up close and learned a little bit more about this beautiful country.

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