Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Learning Continues- Module 3

The UNO Group in Leon
Julie Delkamiller, Kris Swain, Jeanette Harder, and Ann Coyne
We are very fortunate to be here while Ann Coyne (Queen Ann) is here.  This is my first time being in Leon with Ann who has 25 years of experience working in Nicaragua.  Jeanette Harder has joined her this week as they are teaching a class for the Master's in Social Work that is being offered at UNAN-Leon.  This is Jeanette's first trip to Leon so she is learning a lot.  I said that is was nice that I could go to Nicaragua to get to know UNO colleagues.  This place is so busy with so many different classes going on in many different disciplines.

Anyone who know me, knows that I love data collection so this has been fun having them learning how keep data and how to use that data.  However, this module has challenged me in many ways as we adapt the content for what can be used in the Nicaraguan schools.  The data that the teachers report they have collected in the past has included attendance and grades.  We have been showing them how to graph information this week so we are using their homework completion and being on time to class as examples with Anna and Maia helping us with our great graphs.
Graph of Homework completed- 100% on Tuesday

On Time to Class Graph
An amazing moment on Tuesday was when the students all started clapping when I showed them the class pretest scores and then the posttest information on the first two modules.  The students had increased the scores by over 20% for each of the two modules.  They were so proud of their improvement and it really helped them understand how data can be important to students.

A little movement anyone?  Julie gets the class ready for the day!

Anna and Maia have been working hard to get our game boards ready for a Friday review game.  I love their creativity, and I am sure that our students will love playing "Hike and Board" and "National Symbols".  You may not be able to tell from this picture, but they have added actual pictures of us volcano boarding on the game board.  This will be such a great learning and fun activity on Friday.
Hike and Board Review GameBoard
National Symbols GameBoard

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