Monday, July 29, 2013

On our way out.....

We took advantage of the later flight to return to the Cathedral plaza one last time.  With it being recognized as a UNESCO sight, it is finally being renovated. With the renovations we weren’t sure if we could go to the top again, but Maia wanted to have her annual picture there.  Thankfully we went up and asked because there was a back way to the top.  We were escorted through some very narrow, spiral stairs that would never pass inspection anywhere else!!  The view was spectacular!!

Maia, Anna, and I also paid an extra $2 to go to the catacombs in the basement.  When people talk about my height, I usually say that it’s ok because I fit better on airplanes.  Well…. now, I think I can say that I fit better in the Nicaraguan catacombs and the tunnels between the churches.

Mom/daughter--  volcanoes and cell phone towers
Mom/daughter-- top of the Cathedral

Maia with Dona Maria--  Maria will be 73 in September and has worked at la Casa de Protocolo for 25 years.

We returned to la Casa de Protocolo to wait for Luis, our UNAN-Leon driver.  And we waited.  This is where intermittent reinforcement was not positive.  I’m used to Nicaraguan Standard Time but Luis has been a bit early the last few times.  This time, he was 45 minutes late.  Yep, back to NST.

The ride to Managua was hot, sweaty, headache inducing and somewhat dangerous.  After passing on the opportunity to buy an iguana at the Nicaraguan drive-thru, we made it to the airport for the beginning of many lines for the day.

Loading up the pick-up
Iguana a la plancha anyone??

Back in May, we made our flight reservations.  I was skeptical of the 1 hour and 17 minutes connection in Houston, especially with immigration and customs.  It was stressful!!!  Numerous international flights arriving at the same time, maybe 5 people working in immigration, and a lot of ground to cover in 13 minutes.  In a nutshell, we pushed suitcases down the hall, sprinted through the airport and the cabin door was opened for us.  Still, 8 passengers were left behind.

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