Monday, December 9, 2013

It is what it is...

WOW! I am not sure where to start as so much has happened in a mere 24 hours! The celebrations continued all day and into the evening...lots of fireworks and music. It is difficult to get away from any of it with the open courtyard at Casa de Protocolo.

At 2:50am we hear the doorbell ring multiple times and the rolling of luggage as our compadres from Spain were leaving to return home.

At 7:00am we found out that Maria was not here because it was another "free day" due to the festivities over the weekend, therefore no breakfast, lunch or dinner (this was not in our plans).

Around 8:00am we have 2 students here and Indiana arrives. At this time another compadre from Cuba indicates that he has reserved the room (that we are teaching in) for a conference on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. At this point, Kris and I begin to panic a little knowing that Plan B is go to the room with the computer lab (not ideal for group work). Francisco shows up and takes care of it and we stay in the room!

As more students trickle in at 8:30am we begin for the day with 12 students. One additional student joins us at 9:00, therefore total student count for the day was 13 out of 24! Below was an introductory activity...create your own flag....

We engage in a variety of activities throughout the day and gain additional information about the content knowledge our students are retaining from the previous Modules. A positive.....they know the rules of the classroom that we created in Module 2!!! Yeah!

They have retained some basic surface level knowledge, but are not able to apply the information....this is disappointing, but a reality when there is 5 months between trainings.

Currently, we are reworking our original information for Day 2, so we can review more about target behaviors and data collection. We will be sending the students out to apply the knowledge they are learning by collecting data in the real world!

What will tomorrow bring?

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