Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lost in Translation ?, but Making Progress

Tuesday started with 14 students and was filled with having students go to the Central Park area of Leon to observe behaviors and collect data after clearly identifying the target behavior.  They selected very interesting target behaviors:  number of people taking photos of the large La Gigantona, number of people who bought water from a stand, the number of women who went into the catacomb at the Cathedral, the number of people who used the restroom, etc.  After collecting data and comparing with their partner, they put together some nice graphs that were shared with the class along with their interpretation of the information.

On Wednesday we had a total of 19 students, but not all 19 were there at one time! Thursday we had 18 students in the morning and 17 students in the afternoon. Just part of the fun of planning when we really do not know who will show up and who will stay all day!! We get to rearrange the room many times! Wednesday and Thursday were spent examining the UDL principles and determining how to plan lessons taking the three principles into account.    Below are some examples while presenting Multiple Means of Representation:

We have worked with 3 different translators throughout the week. At times, it has been difficult to adjust to the differences between amount of transitions between English and Spanish, but we are teachers, so we are flexible!

We have made progress this week but we modify our plan each evening. Tomorrow will be on Day 3 of our original plan, but it is our final day of presenting information.  We keep looking for the most applicable concepts and how to continually reinforce concepts.  Flexibility is the key in teaching, and we wouldn't make it through the first morning if we weren't always adapting lessons and utilizing what we are learning about our students.

Another Nicaragua experience! The La Gigantona is a VERY large doll, often 9 feet tall, that is worn and paraded down the streets with drums.  We experienced this interesting tradition several times from the 30 feet tall La Gigantona in the park, to the children with the smaller La Gigantona who chased us, to Jenifer bringing in artwork for us with tradition represented.
Children with La Gigantona-
who were about to chase us!
La Gigantona by the Cathedral

It is always a learning experience.

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