Sunday, December 8, 2013

Quién causa tanta alegría? (Who causes so much happiness?)

We arrived last night in Managua and were whisked away this morning to Leon.  We arrived in Leon on December 7th with firecrackers to greet us.  Just when we think we have heard it all, there is a new and louder celebration.  La Griteria is celebrated on December 7 in Nicaragua with fireworks and firecrackers at 12pm, 6pm, and 12am.  The good news is that we arrived in time for all three!

Ulises, the worst tour guide in Leon (you can't even find him on TripAdvisor), took us on a walking tour of Leon in the afternoon and then took us to Subtiava so we could see all of the houses decorated (and I think we saw one or two) for the La Griteria celebration.
Mural at a school in Subtiava- Julie this is for you!

We listened to the 6pm firecrackers from the safety of Casa de Protocolo and then Ulises took us out to see the celebration on the streets with the children and adults going to houses to shout and sing to the virgin Maria after which they receive candies, toys or other gifts from the home owners.  

Iglesia San Fransisco Church
There is a lot of singing throughout the evening (and fireworks too!) Quién causa tanta alegría? is the saying....Who causes so much happiness? I think celebrations in Leon cause a lot of happiness- as do fireworks! (not so much happiness for visitors like us)
The crowd at the Cathedral in Leon
An alter at a house with people SHOUTING!

The fireworks did continue throughout the night and the happiness goes on! The midnight celebration was the loudest we have heard in all of our travels to Nicaragua!

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