Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Modes of Transportation

Today we headed to Chichigalpa to visit rural schools. When we arrived at our first school, Especial School, we were turned away as we did not have permission from the Ministerio of Education in Chichigalpa. Therefore, we headed to the Administration building (asking for directions in Nicaragua means asking anyone on the street if they know where your destination is because there are no addresses in Nicaragua).  Once there, we received the proper documentation which was a hand written document signed by the the Ministerio of Education Lic. Hugo A. Ulloa Lopez.
While we waited, we began taking photos of the different types of transportation used in this small community.

pedal trike taxi
bicycle and car
Oxen and cart
There are usually 2 people on a bike. This little guys was taking a nap.

Tiring work!

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