Saturday, July 21, 2012

Managua to Granada to Leon

We had a busy day with very eventful drives from Managua to Granada and then to Leon tonight. Cars, bikes, horses, buses, people all share the same roads with no apparent rules to the road.  After arriving in Granada, we went to Cafe de las Sonrisas which you can learn more about in Julie's previous blog.  We stayed there quite a while talking about hammocks and enjoying the cafe. What an amazing place that is providing a great environment to work for individuals who are deaf.  As things go, we had to talk to several people, but have ordered some hammocks that Ulises will be going back to pick up on Sunday.  Thanks Ulises!  It was great to have him along to assist especially when trying to order food.
Next it was on to the Monna Lisa for lunch and to Lake Nicaragua where we rode on a boat to see the islets and the huge homes that people have built on these tiny islands.  We were also stopped by some Nicaraguan students who wanted their picture taken with us for their thesis about tourists.  We must look obvious.  They said "whiskey" instead of "cheese" when smiling for pictures....interesting.
Ulises is a hopeless tour guide, great with the language, but don't ask him about what type a tree that is or fish that you will find or even what the green small fruit like things are that the street vendors are selling, he doesn't know.  In fact, I asked him if he really lived here.  We had a great day and were really glad that he was along!
Next it was on to try making pottery with Julie winning that competition with the only piece of pottery that was in tact.  We had a wonderful time learning about the process of making the pottery and the time that goes into each piece.  Click here for a video of Julie Making Pottery at Duilios
Next it was on to Catarina that overlooks the lagoon and beautiful views of Granada and beyond.
Finally, another adventure in the van to Leon and now we are settling here after finding out that we were expected tomorrow.  Luckily they have room for us tonight.
What an adventure the first day has been.  We seem to have landed in the olfactory  capital of the world.  Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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