Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fireworks and Roosters

The LOUD sounds of Nicaragua are never ending.  Ulises said that when he came to the United States, it was so quiet. Well, now we understand why! The noise is constant...Car horns, motorcycles, music, birds, animals, people everywhere, and fireworks. FIREWORKS have a new place in our hearts since being in Leon. For the past few days we could hear a firework now and then throughout the day, but last night was unforgettable. There were a few fireworks here and there in the evening, but around midnight the blasting began. I thought someone was bombing Casa de Protocolo. I actually opened the door at 12:36am to make sure the place was still standing. Finally about 3am the continuous fireworks stopped, but at 5am, they were in full force again. Then, the rooster began to crow. Are you kidding me? Sleep was over at that point. Mitzi and I were laughing and asking ourselves "Why? I just don't understand."

Then, following breakfast we were informed that July 23 is a day of celebration called the Hereoes and Martires  (1959-2012) "Su Sangre Sonstiene La Dignidad Historicia Mov. Estudiantil". This is a day when four college students were killed while protesting against Somoza's army.   On the second anniversary of the massacre, Carlos Fonseca founded the FSLN.  It is now called the Day of the University Students (and classes were cancelled).
Now the running joke is.....Which would you prefer fireworks or roosters??

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