Friday, July 27, 2012

Who Needs Google When you Have Ulises?

Tuesday was spent visiting three schools.  We counted that we stopped six times to find a rural school, but Ulises says, "Who needs Google, when they have Ulises?"  Actually, when asking Ulises about different things in Nicaragua he would not know so we'd turn to Google.  So.... maybe it should be "who needs Ulises, when we have Google?"  Sleeping in the van does not help us find the schools!  Wake up, Ulises:)
The first traffic stop. Shockingly our driver passed someone when there was a solid yellow line! I think we passed at least 20 vehicles that way...on the way there.
We visited two schools in Chichigalpa, the Special School and Francisca Gonzalez, and one school in El Realajo.  Did we mention that involved two stops by the police that included one ticket for the driver?  We had no idea that there were any rules that were enforced on the roads based on our experiences, but there are a few!  The rural school is El Realajo had 11 students present in the one classroom that was holding class that day (another teacher had gone to another town for a meeting so no class.)  The very kind and eager to learn teacher said that she has 37 students in the 4th grade, but most students do not come to school every day as they have to help their parents by chopping firewood, fishing, or working in the fields.  She wants to be part of the Diplamato and is eager to learn how to teach students with disabilities.  She currently stays after school on Wednesdays to work with some students with disabilities so she can focus on their needs.

Wednesday was another busy day as we headed to the port town of Corinto.  The buses you see in the police photo above were shipped to Corinto.  Today we saw a line of small cars that were ready to go.
We visited three schools in Corinto, Ruben Dario, Sara Luisa Marquero, and the Special School.  It is difficult for us to see the special school tucked away behind the other school.  This is still common in Nicaragua.  The students at the special school had a range of disabilities, and there were only 6 students present at the school today.  The teacher said that there are 3 other classrooms, but the students did not show up.  Last week was a holiday week for the schools so many students have not come to school this week.
Traffic stop number 2. Just checking registration it seemed. Check out the row of buses that had just been shipped to Nicaragua.
Google Ulises pumping water at a Corinto school. This is where the water is.
Beth with one of the student from the Especial School in Corinto.

Julie and Mitzi then headed back to the Leon Deaf School to pick up surveys from the teachers. Mariella gave Mitzi a name sign and the students gave Julie lots of Nicaraguan hugs "adios".  It's very difficult for Julie to leave those students each time so luckily the tears blended in with the sweat rolling down her face.
We were able to find time for the best iced coffee in Leon at Barbaro!!!
We need to remember where to get the best iced coffee in Leon. What a treat!

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